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War-Time Miracles: Pakistan and Israel

July 29, 2011

The title of this blog post has the word miracle but the “miracle” I will discuss is different from the one we may witness in our lives. Sometimes we get to hear the stories of miracles that totally set aside the reasoning but such miracles happen rarely unlike the continuous one propagated as the basis of country’s origin and survival.

In 1965, a full-fledged war broke out between India and Pakistan. The masses were given an impression that India was the aggressor. The Radio Pakistan churned out fantastic and spirit lifting war-time anthems. People stood behind the armed forces. Defeat was not an option for the Muslim forces of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan attacked by infidels.

In circumstances like this – the Urdu press (Daily Jang) published new reports about the (mysterious) men wearing green headgear, mounted on horses fighting the Indian forces. They were called the spiritual forces protecting Pakistan.

Years later, I got to read some of those stories in Urdu fiction writer Mumtaz Mufti’s second part of autobiography ‘Alakh Nagri’, where he had quoted the same news report. Mumtaz Mufti remained aloof to religion for most part of his life. Due to rigid depiction of religion he felt rather attracted to Sufis and that became a regular narrative in later part of his life.

Mumtaz Mufti also touched upon the spiritual dimension of Pakistan such as he quoted certain people who claimed that Pakistan was created in an extra-ordinary circumstances and it was “literally” nothing short of a God’s miracle or gift to the battered Muslims of the sub-continent.  Mumtaz Mufti marveled on these claims like we do. The message I gathered was that since Pakistan was God’s gift so it can never be wiped out of the map by an enemy such as India.

We may have survived but I can’t recall whether Mumtaz Mufti questioned the loss of East Pakistan in 1971. What happened to all those miracles and spiritual dimension? In any event, such narrative in today’s time seems quite futile because the definition of war has been changed. We are not fighting any external (infidel) enemy our enemy (the Taliban and militants etc.) lives amongst us and is engaged in the power struggle. However, people like Zaid Hamid are still harping on those old and fictitious tales of 1965.

Coming back to the 1965 fables, it may not be easy to tell where they were originated from but the plausible answer to why they originated could be that it is a part of war propaganda to keep the morale high through every possible mean. Moreover, tales like those make people ready to sacrifice their lives for the cause.

I had once written a post where General Zia drew similarity between Israel and Pakistan being ideological states. There is another striking feature that both the countries share. If Pakistan had its share of tales of miracles during the 1965 war; Israel came up with its own during the Six-Day war in 1967. One of the “miracles” was narrated here:

One such story involved a Catholic journalist who was reporting on the front lines during the war. Ernie Miller had personally met this man in Baton Rouge, LA. The journalist was reporting from the Sinai Desert during the 1967 war. The battle had become very intense and there were numerous casualties. At one point an Israeli soldier was rushed into the medical tent, where the journalist was wiring front line information.

The journalist observed that the soldier was severely wounded. In fact he had been shot in the intestinal area, and his intestines were hanging from his body. He knew it was only a matter of time until the man would die. Yet, the man, who was fully conscience, began praying and saying the various names of God in the Hebrew language. As he prayed he began to talk about God’s ability to heal him and to defeat the enemy armies. To the journalist amazement, the man suddenly screamed, and jumped up from the cot. His intestines were back inside his body and the entire area was healed! The man was jumping and screaming, and ran out of the tent praising God.

The journalist told Ernie, “I am a Catholic and I am suppose to believe in miracles but had never seen one. That day, I saw one with my own eyes that was a true miracle!” These amazing stories clearly demonstrate that the “Battle belongs to the Lord!”

During the Yom Kippur war (1973) the miracle on Golan Heights was discussed a lot, where the sudden and mysterious wind blew away the sand and exposed the land mines. 1973 war was a surprise attack by Arab states (Egypt, Syria and Jordan) to avenge the 1967 preemptive strike by Israel, where Israel had capture Gaza Strip, Jerusalem, West Bank and Golan Heights.

It is not just about the war-time miracles being narrated; generally, the existence and survival of Israel is heavily attributed to a god’s miracle, conveniently ignoring the backing of foreign powers. There is an entire movie that discusses how the State of Israel was created against all odds; people of Jewish origin adopted it and with god on their side they turned the region “with 80% of desert, into the food and flower exporting country”. Maybe it is a way to absolve themselves of the atrocities they commit against the helpless population.

The same is said about Pakistan, that it survived despite all odds and especially our “Islamic bomb” is considered god’s biggest “miracle”. How meaningless it sounds when we study the status of national integrity and the deep mess we are in. Indeed the history tells us is that it’s all rhetoric – plain rhetoric.

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  1. Mohsin permalink
    August 10, 2011 3:45 am

    Hi Ayesha,
    I read your article, but frankly speaking i couldnt undeerstand what your agenda point for telling all this long story. Though your historical knowledge and reserch work is good BUT what you want to say at the End ????

    1. We should not overestimate our national defence capabilities ?? (is this you want to say)
    2. We are just layers as a nation ??
    3. We have nothing to do against the transformed War Idiology ???
    4. It is meaningless to recall the glorious period of our History ???

    OR Whatelse you want to say. ?? Plz do tell me in few words..

    Honestly speaking my overall feeling about your article is very vicious and painfull. I am forced to keep you in the category of “so called enlighted individuals” who are propagating the Enemies Agenda of harming our national integrity to pull down the morale of the nation.

  2. Uljalool permalink
    August 12, 2011 1:00 am


    1. She neither overestimated nor underestimated our defense capabilities. She is simply telling us the logic defying side of propaganda that was used during 1965 war as one of the means to boost public morale.

    2. We may or may not be a layers nation ( I do not fully understand what you really mean by this since so many different meanings can be construed) therefore I would only say that we certainly are an irrational nation in the dumps.

    3. This questions says a lot about the confused state of your mind and not worth answering.

    4. Strange you call a bad defeat a glorious period of history, sorry there is no such thing I can call glorious in our 65 year history.

    My I ask you where and what enemy agenda she has appeared to be pushing for and what national integrity you are speaking of. Sir, you are not the only one who holds the rights to patriotism, she is in my view a far more patriotic and bonfide citizen of Pakistan than you ever would be. I would advise you to educate yourself because this is what you badly stand in need of and check all the historical facts yourself from various sources rather than relying and basing your inferior opinion upon invented lies before expressing you views next time and believe me that is not much to ask for. Have a good day.

  3. December 16, 2011 11:01 am

    Hi,ayesha…i really agree with mohsin that whats your point…is our national defence weak? or we are having stupids in our nation or “Islamic bomb” is a drama…and why the hell are you favouring that jewish nation….let me tell u something that the first prime minister of israel said in 1967 that “the lover of the arabs are more dangerous to us than arab themselve”… now who are lovers? The lovers are pakistanis…infact PAF is the only airforce in the world which destoried Israeli fighter jets in 1967 and 1973 while helping the arabs during the war…where were the israeli miracles at that time…and one more thing i got to say is the miracles which happened during the war of 1965 were true they are not tales…and always get some good info before say anything haha….

  4. Muhammad Adnan permalink
    March 24, 2012 1:08 am

    Aysha It is good research. I appreciate but one thing we have to understand, God help came time to time when the people who were the muslims asked that. So there is no conflict on God help but the thing to understand is that in 1965 the condition is quite different with 1971. God help those who help them selves. I think you have listened this quote? In 1965 we fought with full Iman and God help us with Engles but in 1971 we did not had that thats why We have to face the defeate. Do not try to understand so much things because we can not understand everything.

  5. February 7, 2013 10:36 am

    As stated in the earilier comment, “God help those who help themselves.” He doesn’t need to send “eagles” to save us. A strong belief in God helps overcome fear thus enhancing our military capabilities. I am not a proud Pakistani, we don’t have the right to be proud. However, I am a Pakistani, who is concerned for his country, and who believes that we have the potential of being a great nation.
    Lastly, people believe in UFOs. They believe paramids were designed by Aliens. I am not surprised if they see miracles. Real or not, it does not make a damn difference, if people don’t have the will to change their fortunes.

  6. I should'nt know this. permalink
    February 12, 2013 4:59 pm

    I want to say only one thing. If u talk about hidden supper powers of the world then there r only two supper powers of the world. PAKISTAN and Israel and the final war of the wold is only between these two countries. The rest of the world only take part. Some countries will be with Pakistan and some with Israel. But the was has begun long time before when they both came into being or even before that. There are two types of miricles in the world. One from good side which u can say positive side and other happens from evil side which u can say negative side. Both have equal powers. But finally always win the positive side. So that is happening in case of these two countries. They both countries have hidden war since the time of their birth physically and spirtually but hiddenly.

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