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Why I don’t care about the Royal Wedding

April 29, 2011

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I am not interested in the Royal Wedding at all. If it were not for my twitter timeline I would have never known when it commenced. I don’t understand the curiosity of people and their interest regarding it. It is very much possible that people are reacting normally and I may have grown so boring by reading thick course books that consume most of my energy and time these days. Irrespective, watching or following Royal Wedding is nowhere part of my agenda.

I won’t deny that I used to like Diana as much as the world used to. I don’t recall her wedding or anything about her. I came to know of her true popularity in 1990s and especially when she collaborated with Imran Khan in fund raising for Pakistan’s only cancer research hospital. I once again fail to remember the exact nature of her visit, but in September 1991, she visited Pakistan and among other places she planned to visit the Khyber Regiment. (Diana signing the guest book). Check photo here.

The people of Peshawar welcomed her in their typical hospitable manner by showering her motorcade with rose petals. In the morning her motorcade was scheduled to pass in front of our school. Despite knowing that it would be one quick affair, the cars would zoom through in a jiffy, our school administration asked the students to line up in front of the school and shower the petals upon seeing her. It wasn’t guaranteed if someone would catch a glimpse of the real Diana but a hand wave by her was promised. And then after long hours of wait in the September sun, her motorcade zoomed through – some students claimed seeing Diana and boasted that she waved at them. I didn’t see a thing except for a long line of shiny cars.

Then Diana got killed in a tragic car crash. It was August 1997, and all the satellite channels broke the news, yes, including the music channels like Channel V. It was depressing to see the world’s most sought after lady die like this on the speeding car in the tunnel. The fairytale that had started in early 1980s had already met with the ugly realties of infidelity and separation. The death of Diana was a last blow. I watched her funeral like someone follows the funeral of a dear one. That was the first time when I realized how the media invades someone’s privacy and even causes a death. It was sheer ugliness.

With Diana I buried all the fairy tales. There was no ‘living happily after’ in the real world. That is why I don’t care a bit about the present Royal Wedding. This wedding may be jinxed like Diana’s. The paparazzi would haunt the couple and the tabloids would feed the world with every bit of inconsequential piece of gossip such as what is the style and color of Kate’s bikini. Since there is no ‘living happily after’ so I don’t care about the beginning either.

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  1. April 29, 2011 11:19 am

    I also don’t care about this overly hyped event & totally agreed with you that all fairy tales buried with Diana, what a great person she is, well written post

  2. December 28, 2011 9:44 am

    i checked photos they are just photos and wedding is not royal from its arrangement it becomes royal by the gathering of two royal hearts loyal for each other

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