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Musharaff’s Vain Rhetoric

October 4, 2010

On October 1st the former president of Pakistan General (retd) Pervez Musharaff launched his political party ‘All Pakistan Muslim League’. According to him his 300,000 fans gave him the strength to return to Pakistan. Musharaff while talking to media apologized for his mistakes that he made in the last years of his rule. He launched his party in London, which on first instance gave an impression as he was planning to run his political business from overseas like a self-exiled MQM leader, Altaf Hussain. Musharaff asserted that due to threats to his life he couldn’t hold the launch in Pakistan and later replied to a query that he would return to Pakistan despite every risk. When he isn’t sure about his own plans of returning, how can he give assurance to the poor people of Pakistan regarding social uplifting?

There has been much hoopla about Musharraf’s facebook fan following in the past weeks. Someone needs to sincerely tell Musharaff that it is not wise to rely on the fan following of a social networking site. It doesn’t take any effort to click the ‘like’ button and join the page for whatever reasons. Does facebook ‘liking’ equal to real liking and support? Not at all since many people follow certain personalities on the social networking sites but they don’t necessarily support them. Zaid Hamid and Imran Khan enjoy the same kind of fan base but do they really have support? It is like Musharraf’s memoir In the Line of Fire sold like hot cakes but not everyone agreed to his version of narrative.

It happens only in Pakistan that after a decade or so of ruling, after being head of the state, the ex president launches his own party to run for the office of prime minister. Musharaff got nine years to shape up the destiny of the nation. In the beginning it seemed he was heading in the right direction but the astute economic analysts pointed out that it was just a mirage that was bound to diminish as strong economy can never flourish on the basis of pouring foreign aid. They were right the economic structure remained hollow as ever. Everything aside: his vilest policy was pushing the nation into darkness. Pakistan has had a problem of power shortage since long but it would be seasonal as oppose to the current perennial issue of power. If he couldn’t set up the alternative ways of generating power in his nine years then it is a foregone conclusion that he would do so if he’d given another 5 years.

In the launch ceremony Musharaff unveiled his party’s manifesto. The manifesto promises the same things that virtually every party incorporates but never performs. He said that the new social system will consist of three documents and everything they’ll do would be in conformity with Quran and Sunnah, realization of dream of Quaid-i-Azam and Objectives Resolution. To appease the nation Musharaff picked up the same old doctrines. Religion has always been the favorite tool of politicians to exploit the feelings of masses. It is easy to say that lives would be governed according to Quran and Sunnah: no big deal right, but what to do when the various sects of the same religion are at loggerhead that gives birth to sectarian intolerance and violence. How to avert that clash?

Quaid-i-Azam dreamt of an uncorrupted and secular Pakistan. Can Musharaff clean up the mess accumulated over the years – for which his (previous) government was equally responsible? It is easier to say that under his proposed social structure every religion, caste and creed would be treated equally but unless the country is governed by a solid constitution, which ensures equal rights for everyone and which isn’t abrogated every now and then, it isn’t possible to bring the said reforms. He mentioned Objectives Resolution, which is only the resolution having no force of law. But suppose if we consider it a sacred document for a moment, it reveals that Musharaff has already been guilty of not conforming to the third point of Objectives Resolution, which says: State shall exercise its powers and authority through the chosen representatives of the people. Does Musharaff remember that he had taken over the government in 1999 through a military coup? Chances are that just as his rhetoric fell flat so would his political team when they’d join in the race. It might have been grace saving if he had remained within the blissful oblivion of his retired life.

Written for: The Express Tribune

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  1. Hood permalink
    October 4, 2010 7:24 pm

    The author’s accent and the whole draft of this article stinks… reflects anti Musharraf sentiment as she has something for or against Pervez Musharraf personally.

    In the whole article only one thing is notable and the only thing I myself have been wondering for a last few months – is Musharraf indeed relying over his fan base on a social networking web site or does he foresee other odds in his favour when he returns to the country? And if that is so, I myself have been unable to anticipate the gravity of the outcome thereafter. However, an ex-general, he is not at all likely to be a person living with illusions or fantasies. I have witnessed hundreds of congregations of urban Sind’s top level party attended by masses in millions with spectacular display of organization and obedience since my childhood; and so did the bizarre ceremony of APML launching in Karachi, which unfortunately was totally the opposite of what I expected of it earlier; a pathetic display of mismanagement and indiscipline even when there were only a handful of halfhearted supporters to handle at an arrangement for some 2000 visitors. Keeping in mind that it was very first day and the discrepancies could be pinpointed and resolved for future, I think this is ignorable but must be cured for the next time. One thing which annoys me was an empty arena despite the fact that Mr. Musharraf has one of the largest and most explicit online supporter forums in the world; of some 315,000 listed members with tremendous enthusiasm and according to online statistics some 7000 confirmed their attendance of this inaugural gala. At least more or less a thousand of them must have been from Karachi. Being there I kept staring at all the mess, casualness of the organizers; and due to presence of some TV and film celebrities, a totally uncontrollable crowd and above all vast arrays of empty chairs. It was total unrest for me. Where are those diehard fans???… I kept nosily mumbling and I wondered “am I the only one who can see all this?”

    To this point, the author is absolutely right; just clicking over “like” button on a web page takes no effort. The situation at the very onset of APML has been enough to ring alarm of the difficulties and drawbacks APML may possibly bear in days to come. However Wa Tuizu-man-tasha-u.Wa-tuzillul-mantashaa…and it is HE who gives honor or disgrace to who ever HE wishes for.

    Sab se pehle Pakistan!

    • October 4, 2010 7:36 pm

      Yes, as a tax-paying, law abiding citizen of Pakistan I’ve something personal against Musharaff. He was a usurper – abrogated the Constitution. Forgive that.

      He pushed us into a hole of militancy. Forgive that. He meddled with judiciary for his own selfish reasons. Forgive that. But what did he do for the country that could have born positive results? Why all of a sudden in the last year of his rule Pakistan plunged into worst energy crisis which is still prevailing?

      Really, in the end he is no better than any corrupt and opportunist politician of Pakistan. His arrival would bear no positive results hence, urging him to come back and be an active politician – as he claims, his fans demand – is only a farce.

  2. Hood permalink
    October 4, 2010 9:03 pm

    Listen Miss… I beg your pardon…but…

    “Bat nikley gi to bohat door talak jayegi”…

    Write for sure when you are a military strategist or a political analyst; are you???

    NEITHER AM I !!!

    I dont see when? where? who? and how? … but one’s credentials, aftermath and legacy evident in “black and white”.

    • October 4, 2010 9:19 pm

      Yes, I’m a political analyst and hold every right to criticize the policies or statements of those who rule(d) over us.

      If you are his supporter. So be it. Who’s stopping you?!

  3. Hood permalink
    October 4, 2010 9:43 pm

    Very wise!!!

    Then being a “political analyst” perhaps you can sort 160 million Pakistanis’ problem out. I mean do you suggest somebody else to lead this battered country??? I hope you do not name either of Sharif or Zardari… the time is up for both lunatics!

    then who??? who the one who has no stigma, no sign of corruption or at least with no malign intentions when given a chance.

    • October 4, 2010 10:04 pm

      Anyone but Musharaff. Let’s take it that way; Musharaff in 9 years couldn’t sort out the problems of 170 million, neither the present government is doing well so this means there is no difference between them and him.

      Really there is nothing much to debate about. I won’t be replying to comments on this post anymore because of time restraint.

      Thank you for stopping by.

  4. Hood permalink
    October 4, 2010 10:11 pm

    Thank you for your thanks,

    me too over & out!

  5. October 5, 2010 7:32 am

    Quaid-i-Azam dreamt of an uncorrupted and secular Pakistan. Secular Pakistan? then we could have stayed with India…India is a secular country, isn’t it?

    And No!, power crises cannot be blamed on his government only, it is a by-product of mismanagement of decades! in my opinion his government was actually handling it very well, how come we had almost no load shedding one year and just when the new government comes in, every part of the country is subjected to 4-8 hours of load shedding…do you really think energy demand increased that much in just one year? at the time when industry was closing down, and unfortunately still things haven’t improved much.

    • October 5, 2010 8:56 am

      By secular no one means – a religious-less state. But yes, it mean there shouldn’t be discriminatory laws regarding any other religion or sect. It is time not to make religion a basis of any political agenda. Pakistan is a majority Muslim country, there are mosques on every corner of the street. There is half-day on Friday so that those who pray can join in the Juma prayers. There is a (not-so-fair) Zakat system. There are religious holidays. What else?

      Do you live in Pakistan? The brutal loadshedding 6-8 hours in cities have started in the very beginning of 2007. I don’t say that we reached such stage only due to Mush’s PML (whichever group that was) but really, his government was equally responsible. Mush. got 9 years to rule… that no civilian government has ever gotten.

  6. Hood permalink
    October 5, 2010 12:31 pm

    Now you are closing in to trap yourself,

    Why dont you grasp for a second that it is those 8 years’ impact which remains to date that you, me and everybody is making use of technology, cellular phones, computer systems and the internet itself unlimited and uninterrupted. Today we are able to interact and share everything and are connected to the rest of the civilized world because in those 8 years we did something which had never been done before.

    Be reasonable… cant you feel the change that revolution brought every once luxuries to everybody’s doorstep with affordability. Following is a draft taken from my own extensive article “Lost Glory: Pakistan’s Rise Under the Jackboot”.

    Today’s Pakistan is not like old-fashioned backward Pakistan; today’s Pakistan is civilized. A country not only for educated or rich but also for an illiterate or a middle-class person. Unfortunately the poor remains as poor. Overall we are in a healthy environment where everybody if not having but does know his rights. Now I do tell you that how do I see the scene changed, the overall life-style of an ordinary person changed. Almost everything is now gone public or in an ordinary man’s reach. This revolution brought many things available in markets publicly. Introduced hundreds of consumer products ranging from branded pasteurized milk packs to stylish latest compatible cell phones and modern automobiles. Markets are full of multiple brands of hundreds of consumer products. Decorated shops and shopping malls, fine restaurants, retail chains, fashion boutiques, international food brands like McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, plus dozens of Pakistan’s own specializing in traditional cuisine, though they are more likely to be dating points than their original purpose. There was no media in Pakistan except the old pathetic PTV but now there are more than 50 private TV stations working round the clock and have outclassed PTV… sniffing through every part of the country to spot every event and to be the first to report. Even advanced that many of these TV networks have introduced dedicated classified channels in Entertainment, News, and Sports just like international networks. This is not like old days’ story that during 1992 Karachi operation, thousands of people were killed extra-judicially or were just disappeared with their fate still unknown. But now the wheel has turned, this is the day of technology and information. You can’t hide because from somewhere an eye is watching over you, if not from a SONY HANDYCAM then from a NOKIA N95 or a Spy Pen. Whatever happens good or bad every minute; there is a news slide and live broadcasts on all TV stations within a minute. More than a dozen FM Radio stations are even competent to update us upon Karachi’s traffic situation live. You can’t run or hide because you are now registered with NADRA, so your 13-digit CNIC number spots you everywhere you go. You are synchronized with NIC, Passport, Credit Card or ATM Card, Mobile Number, your Car or Bike Number, Bank Account Number and your residence address. And you are denied socially without a CNIC. There was a revolution in computers and IT too, and a really big one. Computers went public, and in every house, office or shop we find computers everywhere and with internet connectivity. Nearly half a dozen brands of mobile phone service providers offer internet on their connections. Either an executive in Karachi or a peasant in a remote village in Punjab, there is a cell phone in everybody’s pocket. Pakistan acquired the SEA-ME-WE 3 International Submarine Cable later with SEA-ME-WE 4 for telecommunication and internet connectivity with the rest of the world and broadband connections have come into common fashion. Since long, Islamabad had been accused of doing cheating with Karachi, for not to grant the funds or share in urban development quota as per the share in population and revenue generation of Pakistan; Musharraf’s era was totally opposite with long underpasses, wide roads, bridges, decorated roundabouts, neat and clean streets, heart-taking beautiful parks with lush greenery. Some of these parks are ranked as greatest parks in the continent. All of these built with dazzling lighting to make Karachi truly the “City of Lights”. My friend Zeeshan’s father, well-travelled former P.B.S. /B.P. executive, came to Pakistan from UAE after some 5 years and was surprised to see the distance between Jinnah Terminal and National Stadium covered in just 5-7 minute drive, the entire vision had been changed and looked exactly the opposite. Wide beautiful roads with stylish green-belts decorated with pleasant greenery and with lighting brightness…. he was so impressed that could not remain from praising remarks. Quaid’s Mausoleum refurnishing and expansion was a tribute to founder of the nation. Elegant gardens with fine mosaic artworks are really heart-touching. This renovation was heaviest budgeted in history. Another aspect and the very important one was Gawadar Port project; rapid development planning was made and work began with several housing and commercial schemes in nearby areas and this remote area in Baluchistan is now going to be the future hub of country’s import export and business activity. Once Mr. Musharraf went somewhere abroad; the reception committee took him to a beach for sightseeing, there he saw a huge fountain pumping the sea water meters high vertically in the air; this was a beautiful scene; then the President thought we too should have something like this. And the 620 feet (190 m) high KPT fountain was built with a cost of Rs.320 million that he himself inaugurated saying that it was a gift to the people of Karachi on evening of 15th January 2006; people crowded the Clifton beach to witness the inauguration of the fountain with a grand display of fireworks and to see its stream of water magically turn blue at night. Like many other gifts given to Karachi, the International Karachi EXPO Center is another milestone intended to let the world see how Pakistan makes progress. Almost every week or fortnightly there is an international exhibition, conference or symposium of different subjects like fashion & textile, food, lifestyles and consumer products, health & medicine, automobiles, education and books, industrial machinery and other equipment, computers and IT, media and television, arms & arsenal and many others show that how brilliantly Pakistan is developed in every field. Under Syed Mustafa Kamal, Karachi has changed entirely and is ranked as a Beta World City (a city deemed to be an important node point in the global economic system), as of 2008 and became one of the fastest growing cities in world. Such rapid development persuaded The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Geneva to grant ISO certification 9001 to City Government Karachi for providing best services to its citizens. Mustafa Kamal was praised by the Supreme Court of Pakistan for his efforts to make Karachi a mega city and to carry out relief operations. The award winning American Magazine “Foreign Policy” has featured Nazim Karachi Syed Mustafa Kamal as the mayor of the moment in its global cities index for 2008. The magazine in its article highlighted the innovative things done by three of the world’s mayors against enormous odds. The other two mayors are Klaus Wowereit and Wang Hongju of Berlin and Chongqing respectively. Karachi and Houston (USA) are declared as sister cities as of last year.

    CNG was introduced in Pakistan publicly… hundreds of thousands of CNG powered cars were produced by the local industry offering in cheaper rates and in mass-production… automobile sector was tremendously promoted in this period and the result is as many as cars produced or imported that crossed the available traffic flow space in Karachi and other populated cities. All commercial banks were given licenses to deal in automobile-leasing and there was a huge response from the public. As a result now you can see our roads with excess traffic load and huge traffic jams have become a daily routine. At least 3 of every 5 cars are of newer models of last 4-8 years and CNG powered. Hundreds of automobile brands either local or imported, new or reconditioned, automatic or manual, fully-loaded modern age cars are now in common fashion. So the cars are now in public affordability with easy leasing terms and cheaper CNG rates.

    Banks go public… in every locality, market or town, there is a “Bankon Ka Jumma Bazaar” established with more than 2 dozen different banks offering extensive products and services 24 hours a day. Economic boom in Pakistan persuaded the government to grant more and more banking licenses and to promote conventional and unconventional banking opportunities. Banks, their purpose and operations grew rapidly… to facilitate growing local markets and vast foreign investments in corporate sector banks were given more and more permits to offer trade and credit services to industries and corporate sector and house financing, car financing, personal or small loans, credit cards and other consumer products to individuals.
    Islamic banking pioneered, though much argued by commercial bankers, government did a lot to promote Islamic banking to nearly half a dozen organizations in the sector. I memorize the days when I was serving in the dispatch of my office back in 2002-2004; we used to receive huge bulks of credit facility applications in imports/exports or loan proposals sent by branches for approval and to send sanction advices against those proposals daily. The period I mentioned was the period of the industrial reorganization of Pakistan and the wheel of industry was in full pace after the economic revival. It is quite appreciable that in Pakistan more or less all sick industrial units were brought new life and were revived to full operation. All governmental corporations were reorganized, made corruption free, and with strict accountability so all institutions produced impressive progress with astonishing profits. Most of the corporations were privatized to decrease the burden on federal budget and losses. Privatization helped to clean all the filth like corruption and malfunction from all institutions and to become effective and profiting. Such economic development saw the Karachi Stock Exchange becoming one of the elite exchanges in the entire world and ranked in top 10 in Asia including Hong Kong, Singapore, Mumbai, Tokyo and others. Also KSE was declared the “Best Performing Stock Market of the World for the year 2002”. KSE broke its own records of highest business rise in the period of about 2 years several times. Our finance minister Shaukat Aziz was praised by international community.

    Wikipedia Says: “By October 2007, at the end of Shaukat Aziz’s tenure, Pakistan raised back its Foreign Reserves to $16.4 billion. Pakistan’s trade deficit was at $13 billion, exports were $18 billion, revenue generation was $13 billion and attracted foreign investment was $8.4 billion. Pakistan’s fiscal performance was praised by IMF and World Bank. The World Bank further reiterated that Pakistan’s Economic growth bolstered International confidence. IMF Praises: IMF’s new Middle East director Mr. George Abed, said he was “very pleased with the record of Pakistan in the past three years of continued macroeconomic and financial stabilization and we have begun to think of Pakistan as a country of promise and a country of potentially high rate of growth.” Asian Development Bank also praised Pakistan’s Micro-Finance. Media Recognition: In 2001, Mr. Aziz was also named “Finance Minister of the Year” by the prestigious Euromoney and Bankers Magazines.” Courtesy of “Wikipedia”

    Banking Mohtasib Pioneered: For the first time in history, unlike the

    Overall… today’s Pakistan is a different Pakistan… a better Pakistan. I would say “Pervez Musharraf’s Pakistan”. I think every educated, sensible person understands the change brought by the revolution in Musharraf’s era in past recent years. People have changed, a Pakistani’s mind and thinking has changed, and entire vision has changed. This is a Pakistan of progress and awareness. At least people have learnt that what are their rights and they can discriminate in between good or bad. So I think this is Pakistan where you can be immediately or later accountable and criticized for anything you do wrong. The Pakistanis can’t be cheated anymore. No government, authority or individual can put cover over its cheating or corruption. A positive trend of daily table talks and debates on all of our TV channels is the best way to examine the facts by both claimants and defenders. Now it is same like in the civilized countries that when the people of Pakistan pay taxes and appoint their government… they can surely maintain accountability and put under trial the thieves of their money.

    Development and reorganization of the armed forces:

    Pakistan Army

    One of the most important accomplishments of Musharraf; Pakistan’s army was very rapidly developed. We can surely assess that today’s Pakistani army is in its best conditions. Musharraf aggressively developed Pakistan army with induction of modern weapon systems and advance training in war strategies and battle tactics. Since Musharraf’s time, Pakistan army has synchronized itself with those of international countries, mostly with US and NATO in terms of aviation, air-defense, armour, artillery, engineering, amphibious operations, infantry-equipment and logistics. I don’t know in infrastructure details of Pakistani army’s past but it is evident from it’s today’s exposure in war against terrorism that it has truly exemplified as a modern and magnificently organized army. In terms of conventional warfare it is undoubtedly not the best but one of the best armies in the world today. Pakistan’s army is now upgraded with capability of conducting the combined-arms-strategy in its operations. Ranked 7th largest standing arm in the world it has undeclared personnel strength of some 1,400,000 men in total. “Mushi” himself cautiously says that army has 500,000 men total and it makes 550,000 when we add the navy and the airforce personnel too which I don’t believe; because it is not true. Anyhow…with modern technology of defense systems and for the first time with independent mechanized divisions deployed, the today’s Pakistani army is a multirole force now well-equipped and trained for counter-insurgency and close-combat operations for the first time in its history. Although the Pakistani soldiers are not regarded as “knights in the shining armour” like those of the Waffen SS but after their tremendous success in “the most dangerous region in the world” now these camouflage-geared men symbolize as a formidable force.

    Pakistan Air Force

    Parallel with the army… Pakistan air force too was brilliantly reinforced and reorganized in Musharraf time. Wikipedia says,
    “In light of Pakistan’s significant contribution to the War on Terror the United States and Western European countries, namely Germany and France, lifted their defense related sanctions on Pakistan; enabling the country to once again seek advanced Western military hardware. Since the lifting of sanctions, the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) became heavily active in evaluating potential military hardware; such as new fighter planes, radars, land based air-defense systems, etc. The key factor had been the lifting of American sanctions on Pakistan; including restrictions on military combat aircraft – namely the Lockheed Martin F-16”.

    Thanks to Wikipedia.

    Most astonishing was the JF-17 Russian/Chinese jet fighter induction in PAF. Despite rigid Indian pressure and protests in against, special modifications and developments made for Pakistani requirements in this fighter make it the one of the reliably best in the world. This is planned to be the main frontline of PAF’s future.

    And above all achievements comes the Saab 2000 – fitted with Erieye AEW&C Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C) aircraft bought from Sweden. Very few countries in world have such equipment and even Indians are still under testing phase of their Israeli supplied. Our airmen are proud of this greatest achievement made and firstly our F-16s are under process of synchronization with this system while Pakistan army on the ground has been done with its surface-to-air defense systems. Also eighteen F-16s are due to be delivered to Pakistan in June 2010.

    • October 5, 2010 4:24 pm

      Your analysis is ludicrously childish. It is good to be optimistic still there are limits to it. It is advisable to quote authentic data or study from a renowned institute.

      In 1998 I had access to internet and cell phone. When Mush took over the govt. we were standing at the crossroads of IT advancement so if there was a civilian govt. trends indicate that we would have witnessed the same sort of boom.

      I don’t have time to read whole of your copy and paste material but skimming through it shows that as if you are giving an impression that before 1999 we were living on trees. It is like when a person from Nigeria was asked (in the West) – do you people live on trees!

      We had KFCs everywhere in Pakistan but ironically the ordinary junta was fighting for a bag of wheat flour and sugar. So what good is CNG if there is no gas or a luxurious life sans electricity or and when a low income person doesn’t have access to these upper class fast food joints.

      Pakistan is not just Karachi. What about Peshawar? Did you see any development there under the presidency of Mush? Erecting a model of Babar or Ghuri missile in chowk is no development. In my write up I didn’t touch up the economic issue. Read it with nuance – it simply indicates no support for him – that is all. That’s a personal view. If you are such a die hard fan, I’d say join APML (if you haven’t already) and spent your time on building up his party. He must be in need of supporters like you.

      For your further reading: Sick of Musharaff – a factual rant

      Open letter from Salman Ahmad

      Food crisis in Pakistan

      Musharaff’s legacy: Missing persons in Pakistan

      YES! The project of computerized IDs and passports was funded by US after Pakistan became and ally in ‘war on terror’. Again if there was a civilian govt. this project had been underwent anyway since Americans demanded it.

      PS: I won’t be replying to any of your comments here but if you care to post any comment on any of the blogs anywhere, make sure to break it into paragraphs!

  7. October 6, 2010 5:23 am

    I have a say too 🙂

    The current wukla gardi in PPP era, The previous civilian dictatorship of Nawaz era and attack on that time SC were not happened in Musharraf era.

    As far as militancy is concerned, it’s more to do with religious organization spreading hatred and carrying their policies based on “GO America Go”

    In my opinion you cannot blame Musharraf if there wasn’t much development being done in NWFP and Peshawar during his era, first you have to blame people of Peshawar,NWFP why they always selected mostly JI, JUI, and sometimes PMLN, PPP who have done no good to them and then you can blame those political parties who cannot carry things side by side.

    Some people claim Red Mosque was mistake, i say if that operation wouldn’t have carried out we might had more Ahmadis and other hatred incident occurred.

    in the end i agree he is no angel but yes way better than Zardari and NS agenda.

  8. bet italia permalink
    October 6, 2010 11:53 am

    Good day! This was really superb.

  9. Crazee permalink
    October 6, 2010 2:49 pm


    Pak formed J&K terror groups,admits Mush

    Indrani Bagchi | TNN

    New Delhi: Its hardly a candid confession but it still has the power to shock.
    Former Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf admitted what India and the world have known for a while now that the Pakistan government trained terrorists against India and pushed them into Jammu and Kashmir.In an interview to Der Spiegel of Germany,he said,( Militant groups) were indeed formed.The government turned a blind eye because they wanted India to discuss Kashmir.
    Official sources said the admission was no surprise.But its the first time such an admission has been made by a former head of state.

    Dont regret sponsoring Kashmir terror: Mush

    New Delhi: Former Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf has finally made a candid admission that Islamabad trained jihadis to foment unrest in Jammu & Kashmir.Questioned by German magazine Der Spiegel about Pakistan security forces training these terrorists,Musharraf said,The west was ignoring resolution of the Kashmir issue,which is the core issue of Pakistan.We expected the west especially the United States and important countries like Germany to resolve the Kashmir issue.

    Significantly,despite growing evidence that Pakistans use of terrorism as an instrument of state policy has boomeranged,leading to mushrooming of terrorism within Pakistan,Musharraf did not regret starting the terror train against India.Asked whether the neglect of the Kashmir issue gave Pakistan the right to train underground fighters,he said,Yes,it is the right of any country to promote its own interests when India is not prepared to discuss Kashmir at the United Nations and is not prepared to resolve the dispute in a peaceful manner. Musharraf is planning a political comeback to Pakistan.So,the question analysts are asking is,why would he be making these admissions that are embarrassing to Pakistan now

    The defiant tone on using terror to force India to discuss J&K will obviously play well with the domestic audience.

    But there could be other reasons as well for the candour.Its possible that Musharraf,who is known to be a strong tactical player,might be using this to embarrass his successor, General Pervez Kayani.

  10. Hood permalink
    October 6, 2010 7:42 pm

    @ CRAZEE

    Please mention that if you are a Pakistani, not an Indian nor a German.

    Second, I would like to see for myself the references and sources of this published interview either online or in print. So give me URL or print details.

  11. MSS, ThomsonReuters permalink
    October 6, 2010 10:08 pm

    Hey CRAZEE… what’s up amigo? I bet you are crazy more than you’ve tagged yourself. Got it??

    Let me have Q&A special version exclusively issued in your name in what Musharraf says “I did this, I did that”

    In the 63 years of Pakistan’s existence over the globe, he held COAS post for 9 years (1998–2007) in what tenure he didn’t have command over every branch or auxiliary of the armed forces as a whole; so many of’em do not come under control even of the Pakistan’s defense ministry neither the army.

    The story told runs from 1979 to today a period in which dozens of army and intelligence chiefs, Pakistani presidents and premiers have taken offices and got relieved.

    Ain’t see nothin’ in your post as Musharraf’s personal connection with all bullshit of Pakistan’s intelligence strategies he actually candidly revealed.

  12. Theresa Shimizu permalink
    November 1, 2010 2:04 pm

    To whom God gives, to him also the people give

  13. November 17, 2010 4:50 pm

    wow ! … @hood … you really are a disciple of “silsila Musharrafia” lol ! – you see, “shakhsiat parasti” is basically our problem as a whole. And you striving so hard to “prove” Musharraf as a good guy says it all.
    Good or Bad, let’s just leave the ballot box to decide that. All I know for sure is that, in a democratic system, it’s not the good, it’s the popular, and sadly, Mr. Musharraf is like a “gaali”, not because of the propaganda against him, but because of his incredibly Narcissistic personality and his delusion of self-righteousness. The other rulers are at least not delusional nor Narcissistic ! … they are very cunning in fact. A virtue that Mr. Musharraf is deprived of entirely.
    Most board of directors *never* hire someone who is self-righteous for a CEO position. In fact, they would certainly prefer someone who is cunning and gets his ways, if not stopped by raw power (a coup in this case).

  14. Hood permalink
    November 19, 2010 10:49 am

    I can hardly say a word more… the owner of the blog has made restrictions so my words don’t get posted here in reply. Did write answer to every question above… tried a hundred times but got punched at every click.

    This is bizarre and unfair. even grotesque !!!

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