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Nasir Kazmi’s (another) Poem

April 10, 2010

I like this one quite a lot!

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  1. April 10, 2010 5:27 pm

    بلا شبہ انتہائی خوبصورت

  2. zindagi-ki-diary permalink
    April 11, 2010 2:34 pm

    What a poet he was! Died so young at age of 42.

    • April 17, 2010 3:53 am

      Ah! I know! The other author who died young was Manto but he did it to himself by excessive drinking.

  3. April 12, 2010 7:27 am


    A nice poem, glad to see that the trend in poetry you’re posting has changed a little…

    I mean…

    kha da chi der da khafgaan na de!!!

    Allah de khushala sata n super poem

    • April 17, 2010 3:54 am


      khafgan aao poetry yao shay de! (They are synonymous… well almost) 😛

  4. April 13, 2010 1:43 pm

    Wow, loved it 🙂

    Kuch abb sambhalne lagi hai Jaan bhi, Badal chala door aasmaan bhi.
    Jo raat bhaari thi tall gayi hai, Jo din karda tha guzar gayaa woh.

    Nice sharing, sis!

  5. April 21, 2010 1:30 pm

    I love this poem…. thanks for sharing it…. 🙂

    wo hijr ki raat ka sitara, wo hamnafs hamsukhan hamara
    sada rahey uska naam piara, suna hai kal raat mar gaya wo…..

    simply love these lines…. 🙂

    • April 25, 2010 3:39 am

      You love the most sad lines of the poem! 🙂

  6. April 24, 2010 7:59 pm

    One of my all time favorites!! Loved reading it again. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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