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Random Soliloquy

June 25, 2009

artisticI am still inebriated by the Pakistan Cricket Team’s victory in the World T20. I got indulge in cricket after such a long time and I am glad the team didn’t disappoint us although I tried to take this competition lightly because I am one of those, when the team loses I smash things. I am too protective about PC and TV but yes, I throw other things like paper weight and decorative items. The best bet is to keep stuffed toy close to me… throwing it, beating it won’t harm anyone or anything. I am sounding such a crazy person but I have passed that stage. I am more in control of my emotions now.

The local newspapers carried complementary articles about that historic win. They drew some interesting comparisons and facts like 1992 World Cup team was led by Imran Khan, this one was led by Younus Khan so basically Khans played pivotal role in getting us World Cup titles. Mohammed Aamer, who bowled pretty well, especially under pressure, was born 22 days after the victory of 1992 World Cup. Both the 1992 team and 2009 teams were coached by Intikhab Alam.

That article also carried rather ill-timed statement by the ANP member, Bushra Gohar, who said that T20 World Cup victory became possible due to Pathan players that are Younus Khan, Shahid Afridi and Umar Gul. The same Pathans who require visa to enter Sindh (Perhaps she made a dig at the nationalist parties who strictly resisted the entry of IDPs into Sindh).

Shoaib Akhtar: I read in the paper he was practicing in the Gadaffi Stadium to be selected for the team. I am very biased. I think our board should look beyond him. Introduce and groom new players instead of taking back this so-called senior player who spoils the environment and have numerous fitness issues.

Cricket made me happy but one thing upset me. I had spotted a nest of Bulbul in one of the lowers branches of a tree in our house. I peeped into the nest and discovered three tiny baby Bulbuls. I was planning to take the photos regularly as they would grow but alas! the damned cat shattered my dream. One morning I discovered the empty nest lying on the ground with no sign of baby birds. Cats are such villain I must say! 😦

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  1. Moorwen permalink
    June 26, 2009 8:37 am

    It was a pleasant read.

    • Ayesha permalink
      June 26, 2009 2:29 pm

      Hmm… thanks! 🙂

  2. ykhan permalink
    July 2, 2009 7:53 am

    yah very ill tamed statement by ANP member(as i didn’t read by myself, hence believing you…:)…..i and sane paki’s personally reject those politicians who possess dirty casting and ethnic cross-roads inside their mind…since we are pakistani first then any cast comes up(even i believe there is no cast we are just pakistani that’s it)…as far as miss bushra concern for pathans needs visa to enter in sindh i.e karachi especially, it was for security reason for whole nation, since Karachi population is more than 20 million as compared to 2.5 millions IDPS and even even 100 militants entered through the channel of innocent IDPS, the catastrophe would be in prediction for 20 million of karachities, where masha-ALLAH as per survey 5 million comprise of pathans….through your busy blog i hope every paki will take this responsibility and thinking in their mind that we are ONLY PAKISTANI’S, not pathan, not sindhi, not mahajir, not punjabi, not balochi etc.


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