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Open War

August 13, 2008

A day has been left to 14th of August but the news from the Western city of Pakistan is grim. TTP fulfilled its vow by carrying out a bomb attack in Peshawar yesterday. The target was specific – the personnel of the armed forces; doesn’t matter if they are commissioned, of low rank or just technicians.



TTP’s spokesman Maulvi Umar claimed the responsibility and added that it was in response to the military operation in Swat and Waziristan. The people of Pakistan seemed to be trapped in the vicious circle. The militants attack – the armed forces respond – in the reply the militants launch attacks in the other cities targeting the personnel from arm forces or law-enforcing agencies. In the process many civilians, passer bys and innocent people also die or sustain serious injuries.



On the other hand miscreants are active damaging and destroying public installations. In nine months, miscreants thrice bombed the Sheikh Mohammadi power grid station. The question is if it is that vulnerable then why the WAPDA and government don’t take concrete steps to protect it. I have seen that place the towers stand in the vast, open place (as they usually do). They can install protective grill to restrict the movement of people. Moreover they need to appoint guards. I know that sounds bizarre and expensive but such steps become necessary when the sensitive installations are endangered.


The other day another bomb went off in Peshawar – causing death and injuries to several people. Life is cheap, explosives are in abundance and there seem no end in sight.  



(I know it’s such a grim post… but that is happening around. I thought to write about it)

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