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Opera Mini 4.1

August 5, 2008

Opera launched Opera Mini 4.1, a browser for cellular phones a few months back. I downloaded it. And I must add Opera Mini 4.1 is an awesome cellular browsing experience.

It is fast, quick and easy to use and for the first time the mobile browser offers a cursor for clicking. It can open almost any website. It includes certain new features such as automatic completion of Web addresses, making it easier to get to the desired site; tools for attaching files to Web-based email; uploading photos to blog or other site; downloading attachments from email for storage on your phone; and saving and viewing pages offline.

Some of the detailed reviews of features (taken from the official website) are:

Now even faster

Prior to this release, we upgraded our servers and Opera Mini now receives your requested Web pages up to 50% faster. So you can now access sites like Facebook, BBC, and any of your other favorite Web sites even faster, with Desktop-like speeds.

Give your phone a mouse

Opera Mini gives your phone a virtual mouse, so you can easily scroll in any direction. Move the mouse cursor towards what you want, and then it quickly snaps your view to the link or content.

Power scrolling shortcuts

Scroll at warp speed using your phone keypad. Find your way around on the Web pages quicker by using your phone’s number keys. Press 2 to go up, 4 to go left, 6 to go right and 8 to go down. Hitting 5 zooms you in and out.

Opera Mini Features

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  1. Saleem Khan permalink
    August 10, 2008 10:38 am

    Very nice Mobile browser. There is no substitute of this browser right now. I am using it and its every version brings more features and easy to operate.


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